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Not everyone wants to get into a stressful legal process. Can you avoid this?

Short answer: it depends on your circumstances and if you were mis-sold.

Since your timeshare is subject to a contract it’s likely that some legal work will be needed but this should be part of a proven process.

And the cancellation firm should already know they can get you out before charging you any fees.

If possible you should try to work with consumer advocates – people who really care about fighting with the big timeshare resorts on your behalf to help you get out!

Not all timeshare cancellation firms are consumer advocates. Advocates will offer free advice and will not make money on the bulk of people they speak to.

A good way to identify if you are speaking with a consumer advocate is if they give you free ‘do it yourself’ options first before trying to sell you anything.

A consumer advocate will listen carefully to your story and figure out the specifics of your situation. They’ll give you a variety of solutions, not a one size fits all.

And you’ll hear in their voice that they really want to help you, not just make money from you.

A good consumer advocate won’t put you under pressure or in a rush to decide. Plus they’ll often protect your funds with Escrow.

They’ll encourage you to research different options and even do due diligence on them before you commit.

At Timeshare Tracy we work with consumer advocates who have solid reviews on BBB and who can prove to us that they’ve already helped a lot of Americans get free of their timeshare.

We’ll do our best to put you in touch with a partner who will genuinely try to help you, whatever your circumstances.

“Not all timeshare cancellation firms are consumer advocates.”

The timeshare cancellation industry is full of fly by night firms, hucksters and swindlers.

We formed Timeshare Tracy to help Americans get free of the timeshare trap – it is never any fun to be misled into a deal that ties your family down for generations and leaves you with a burden that takes away your freedom and choice.

Having checked out all the major timeshare exit solution providers we’ve identified the few that are genuine consumer advocates with a real desire to help.

Get out of your timeshare today!

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We help people with their unfair timeshare contracts & give them the advice they need.

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