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There are safe ways to cancel your timeshare. Follow the rules to avoid the traps!

Tired of paying rising timeshare maintenance fees? On average they go up by 8%+ per year!

Were you tricked into buying a timeshare by a slick salesman?

Do you wish you could vacation elsewhere but you are ‘locked in’ to the same resort for the next 20 years?

If so, you share these stressful feelings with over 9 million other Americans who have purchased a timeshare and are locked into an unfair contract.

Luckily there are safe and legal ways out of your costly timeshare contract.

But buyer beware, many of these timeshare exit companies use similar tactics to the ones that sold you a timeshare in the first place.

They will try and dupe you just like the timeshare company did when you bought it.

One woman told us that she had spent $22,000 trying to get rid of her timeshare, and after 12 months, nothing had been accomplished

So how do you spot these scams before it’s too late?

The Top 5 Things To Consider When Selecting A Timeshare Cancellation Firm


1. No Payment Upfront or Escrow

If your timeshare cancellation firm is somehow unable to get you out of your contract, you don’t want to be stuck paying them. Make sure they have an Escrow option which ensures they don’t get paid until your timeshare is completely cancelled!


2. They Should Tell You To Call Your Resort

Your timeshare exit firm should begin the process by explaining that it’s possible to get out of your timeshare without paying them! Sometimes the resort will offer a voluntary give back program and your firm should walk you through this to see if it’s possible before they give you a quote on their fees. Although this is rare – it’s worth a shot!


3. Track Record Of Success

Make sure that your firm has been around the block a few times! Everyone and their dog decided that it was a good idea to start a cancellation firm, but only a few firms have been around long enough to truly know the industry well. Make sure the firm you chose has a track record of success and great testimonials!


4. Consumer Advocacy

Most cancellation firms employ salespeople, not consumer advocates. Does the representative try to ‘close you’ at the end of the free consultation, or pester you every few days with phone calls or emails? An actual advocate will encourage you to take your time and do your homework.


5. Better Business Bureau Accredited 

Any company you work with your cancellation should be BBB accredited with at least an ‘A’ rating. It’s easy to lose your accreditation, especially in the timeshare cancellation industry, so it’s good to check out the firm on the BBB to be sure they have great reviews and a solid rating.


“Your timeshare exit firm should begin the process by explaining that it’s possible to get out of your timeshare without paying them.”

The timeshare cancellation industry is full of fly by night firms, hucksters and swindlers.

We formed Timeshare Tracy to help Americans get free of the timeshare trap – it is never any fun to be misled into a deal that ties your family down for generations and leaves you with a burden that takes away your freedom and choice.

Having vetted all the major timeshare exit solution companies we have shortlisted the few that are genuine consumer advocates and who really will help you to get out.

However before working with any external firm we recommend you contact your resort directly: they may be able to help!

Talk to Tracy today and take your first step to timeshare freedom by filling out our free timeshare cancellation assessment.

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