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Wake up and smell the coffee. A timeshare contract gives your resort unlimited access to your money.

Why give a timeshare resort a blank check?

That’s what owning a timeshare boils down to. Because the resort gets to ‘decide’ how much it wants owners to pay them, year after year. Forever.

You heard that right! A committee meets to set their annual ‘maintenance’ costs…in theory to pay for the upkeep of the resort.

Funnily enough those costs always seem to rise well above inflation…

According to our sources at Timeshare Tracy, maintenance costs increase on average by 8% per year. That means a timeshare owner’s maintenance burden will likely DOUBLE within a decade!

Sure, some of this may reflect real maintenance. Someone has to mow the lawns right?

Though they seem to use some pretty expensive gardeners!

They’ll say it’s an investment in an asset (though no mention of how much this ‘asset’ is worth today – for a clue check those $1 listings on Ebay!).

Here’s the truth: most resorts see timeshare owners as their personal piggy bank.

They know that timeshares are not a liquid investment. That values fall so fast that options to transfer or sell are severely limited. In short they know they got you hooked!

That’s why they set the annual maintenance charge NOT in relation to any real costs but based on the maximum they feel they can get away with. It’s a strictly commercial decision for them. Your ownership is their cash cow.

This is why it is a blank check at the owner’s expense!

Worse still, the obligation applies in perpetuity with the liability passed onto loved ones and heirs.

So it’s not just a blank check today but a blank check forever. No wonder the big American timeshare giants rake in billions of dollars in profit every year.

According to a report by Orbis Research of Dallas, Texas the timeshare market is worth US $13.5 billion in 2019 with more than 10 million timeshare owners in the USA.

That’s a lot of blank checks being written to the big timeshare companies!

How about converting this blank check into a real one – written to your family instead:

  • Eliminate remaining debt/mortgage balances
  • Eliminate all future maintenance fees
  • Better financial rating and credit scores
  • Avoid leaving the timeshare to heirs

Take action now and cancel your timeshare’s blank check. It’s easier than you think.

Stop being the magical money tree of the big timeshare resorts. Trust us, they don’t need any more cash!

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We have vetted all the main solutions and selected only the very best options. They need to have hundreds of verified case studies and reviews to impress Tracy.

“Here’s the truth: most resorts see timeshare owners as their personal piggy bank.”

The timeshare cancellation industry is full of fly by night firms, hucksters and swindlers.

We formed Timeshare Tracy to help Americans get free of the timeshare trap – it is never any fun to be misled into a deal that ties your family down for generations and leaves you with a burden that takes away your freedom and choice.

Having checked out all the major timeshare exit solution providers we’ve identified the few that are genuine consumer advocates with a real desire to help.

Talk to Tracy today and take your first step to timeshare freedom by filling out our free timeshare cancellation assessment.

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