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Timeshare Compliance Review 2020

Timeshare Compliance is a long-established timeshare exit company in business since 2012. 

Our review of Timeshare Compliance should give you an idea on how the firm operates, its good and bad points, the costs of doing business with them as well as reviews from past clients. 

If it’s a fair review you are looking for then read on.

Also, make sure to read our ‘Timeshare Tracy Insider View’ below for special insights since we’ve gotten to know how Timeshare Compliance work.

Who is Timeshare Compliance?

Timeshare Compliance is an organization that promises to get you out of your timeshare. 

On the website, they see themselves as your ‘advocates’ when you go through the timeshare exit process. They are committed to fighting your corner against the big timeshare giants.

Their goal is to cancel your timeshare contract legally, cleanly and completely.

The company does this in three ways – investigate, advocate and resolve. 

First, a representative talks to you to understand the finer points of your case. Second, they will act as advocates and speak with the timeshare resort on your behalf. 

Finally they’ll try to free you from your timeshare liability as cleanly as possible.

Like most timeshare exit companies Timeshare Compliance offers a free consultation. Their website is well-designed and credible.

They’re accredited with, Supermoney, BBB and Trustpilot, which helps demonstrate their reputation as a legitimate timeshare cancellation business with a proven track record. You won’t see all those badges on every company’s website in this sector.

Timeshare Compliance is based in Aliso Viejo, CA and has all contact details listed on their website. 

You can send an email, call their office or submit a quote and expect a reply from a representative. Timeshare Tracy users have reported that they generally do respond in a timely fashion.

Timeshare Tracy users have also generally given the Timeshare Compliance team top marks for customer service, friendliness and professionalism.

Can You Trust Timeshare Compliance?

Timeshare Compliance opened its doors to the public in 2012 and has operated since that time. This longevity is a good indicator that you can trust them. 

Being around for over 8 years with a large number of success stories has given them a solid reputation in the timeshare exit business.

The fact that the company has an escrow option is a huge plus in our books. Owners who want to cancel their timeshare will have an extra layer of security when they work via escrow. 

Escrow means the company will not get paid in full unless the exit company’s promise is fulfilled, which means they will definitely do their job to the best of their abilities as they do not get paid otherwise.

Timeshare Compliance has a 4-star Trustpilot rating and an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau which again puts them in the top tier of cancellation companies.

We like that Timeshare Compliance has a solid presence on more than one consumer review platform, along with the testimonials posted on their website, as this communicates transparency.

The company also works with attorneys to ensure their clients have a legal opportunity to get out of their timeshares. The benefits of having lawyers on your case increases your chances of legally being able to exit a timeshare you didn’t want or may have been talked into buying.

The Good Points

Timeshare Compliance is knowledgeable in state and regional laws, which can improve your chances of a successful cancellation. 

We also like how the company is ‘visible’ on social media, the internet, TV and radio, which makes them approachable from a customer’s standpoint. And they have an established complaints procedure which gives further peace of mind.

The group’s online presence speaks of confidence and clarity. It’s uncommon for a timeshare exit company to eliminate jargon and simplify things for their customer’s sake, but Timeshare Compliance does that and is a more accessible business as a result.

A quick look at the official website reveals two things – they’re transparent in what they do and are willing to display their credentials in order to earn your trust. Even if you know nothing about the timeshare exit process you’ll gain a general idea of how it works.

Aside from the customer testimonials there’s an online calculator to help you compute your timeshare costs. This should help you figure out exactly how much you’re spending on your timeshare. 

The attorney aspect isn’t readily visible but a Timeshare Compliance representative will walk you through the process once you’re accepted. Having an attorney can create a higher chance of success as even a single glitch in the contract can provide an opportune way out of the timeshare and its associated financing. Not all timeshare exit companies can promise this.

In addition, the escrow option establishes a high level of trust between clients and the timeshare exit firm. The money you pay will be held in a secure account and won’t be released until you’re satisfied with Timeshare Compliance’s service. 

It’s worth noting that Timeshare Compliance only takes on select clients that meet its criteria for success – a good thing since they’re geared more towards quality. They appear to be committed to your case rather than just playing a ‘numbers game’ as others may do.

The Bad Points

There are a few points that should be addressed when dealing with Timeshare Compliance as a timeshare exit company.

First, you might get confused between Timeshare Compliance and Pandora Marketing LLC. 

Although it sounds like they are two different companies, this isn’t the case. 

They are one and the same, with Pandora Marketing LLC the parent company to which Timeshare Compliance is the client-facing brand.

Also, like most other timeshare exit companies, the site does not provide the exact estimated cost for your particular timeshare resolution, but it does direct you to a form you can fill out so you can find out quickly via a Timeshare Compliance representative. 

This is understandable as each case is unique and depends on a number of factors, such as the contract details, the level of financial liability and the timeshare resort in question.

The company website could be slightly ambiguous as well, since the video shows the name ‘Pandora Marketing’ instead of Timeshare Compliance.

Get a Free Consultation with Timeshare Compliance

Timeshare Compliance’s Timeshare Exit Costs

As per reviews and testimonials online, the costs of timeshare cancellation can set you back a significant amount of money: but in the end this investment nearly always saves you a huge amount when compared with having to bear the costs of a timeshare in perpetuity.

There’s also a financing option in the form of SuperMoney, which gives you a relatively low interest rate to get things started. Your interest rate may vary according to your credit score but it’s still lower than the interest you’ll be paying for your existing timeshare especially if you have a mortgage against it.

The exact cost of doing business with Timeshare Compliance is not listed online. However, looking through the reviews posted by previous customers the range typically starts at $4,500 and then typically depends on the complexity of your case. 

The escrow option and easy financing make Timeshare Compliance a viable option for timeshare owners on a variety of budgets. 

If you’re inclined to know how much a timeshare exit service will cost with Timeshare Compliance, feel free to ask Timeshare Tracy. We will help you with to the best of our abilities.

Timeshare Compliance Reviews

Most of the internet reviews regarding Timeshare Compliance are positive. These reviews are also visible over Google+, TrustPilot and Better Business Bureau with the name ‘Pandora Marketing LLC’. 

You can also read up on testimonials or video reviews from individuals who’ve recorded their experience working with the company. Timeshare Tracy always suggest you check these out before selecting a firm to help you get out of your timeshare.

Most of the positive reviews focus on the good points we’ve discussed, such as the escrow option and loan financing program. People who are struggling with money can avail of the company’s services and choose one of these easy pay options. 

Negative reviews are a bit difficult to find and occasionally not getting the results they wanted in the timeframe expected. Although the company is expert in obtaining the desired result, this can sometimes take a while as the timeshare resorts will often drag their feet and do whatever they can to make the process slow. 

Some neutral reviews said the cost to cancel timeshare with the organization was expensive, but then they mentioned that the staff and attorneys helped them out at every opportunity.

In timeshare cancellation like in many other complex services, you generally get what you pay for.

Timeshare Compliance takes the time to respond to each client’s query and replies in a timely manner to try and resolve any queries or complaints. This can be seen in Better Business Bureau’s complaints page and shows the company’s willingness to serve and improve its service.

Currently, there are 250+ reviews on TrustPilot, with 57% of them Excellent, 17% Great, 13% Average and 13% either Poor or Bad.

Here are some sample reviews:

Timeshare Compliance Client Review 1

Review from Ray Garcia – Positive

Ray Garcia gave Timeshare Compliance 5 stars with a caption that says the company delivers on their commitment. Ray did his research and met with a TC case screener, which led to an agreement for a cancel timeshare contract. Right from the start he was informed that the battle could take years but he would get updates as it happens.

Ray gave Timeshare Compliance kudos for their effort and in keeping him in the loop until his case reached a conclusion. All in all he commended their professional staff and how the experience exceeded his expectations.

Timeshare Compliance Client Review 2

Review from Ginny Massaro – Positive

Ginny Massaro gave Timeshare Compliance 5 stars and shared helpful details on how the company was able to provide satisfactory results. She and her husband were put on a Marriott Vacation Club contract, to which they sought help in March 2019. Timeshare Compliance was able to get them out by December 2019 to the delight of the couple.

Ginny mentioned how the staff was professional and transparent in regards to the overall process. They also put out a recommendation for those who wanted an out in an unwanted timeshare to try Timeshare Compliance’s services.

Timeshare Compliance Client Review 3

Review from Anthony Nelson- Positive

At first Anthony Nelson thought that a timeshare was value for money, but then quickly discovered the associated fees and costs were steep. He then tried to get out of the timeshare by contacting Timeshare Compliance, with satisfactory results.

The company allowed them to avoid a potentially huge financial mistake. Anthony also made mention that timeshare owners will have to be patient as the process takes time. Afterwards, Anthony said his credit ‘flourished’ and everything was handled to his liking.

Timeshare Compliance Client Review 4

Review from ‘B’- Negative

‘B’ gave Timeshare Compliance a 1 star rating as he received unsatisfactory results. The lengthy post detailed how he paid via credit card on a Wyndham timeshare and still experienced a hit on his credit score. It seems his issue was related to his credit score and not directly the timeshare cancellation service – and this seems an exceptional case.

Video Reviews

TC has a few testimonial videos on their official YouTube channel, most of them being positive. Here they are:

The interview type content allows potential customers to see how they were helped. Watching such videos may clarify a few questions you may have regarding timeshare cancellation. The videos have been edited with the Timeshare Compliance logo and polished to a degree as well. 

But we are sure if you ask that Timeshare Compliance would be willing to verify any information and even allow you to speak to their past clients.

Social Media Presence

An active social media account is a plus as it indicates that the company responds quickly and is visible to its clients.

Timeshare Compliance has two social media channels: Facebook & LinkedIn.

The Facebook page reveals pertinent details such as the company’s location, contact information and business hours, as well as shared photos and videos of the company in action.

The company’s LinkedIn account is also updated frequently with posts on how you can get help getting out of a timeshare.

Timeshare Tracy Insider View

We have connected hundreds of timeshare owners to Timeshare Compliance and we think highly of them because of the feedback those same individuals have given us.

Whenever there has been any issue the team at Timeshare Compliance have always impressed us with their professionalism and speed in taking action. They are very transparent with everyone they speak to and never ‘overpromise’ like other timeshare cancellation firms do.

For example, when people ask about whether it’s possible to obtain a refund from your timeshare resort after making a successful claim – some other firms say ‘sure’ because it helps them win business. But we know that the team at Timeshare Compliance will not sell to a client on the expectation of a refund, even though they have successfully obtained refunds in the past.

We like their ethical standards and their customer service – though like all firm they can sometimes get it wrong.

Another factor we’ve noticed with Timeshare Compliance is how well they deal with clients who may be carrying a high timeshare debt or mortgage with their timeshare. They seem to specialize in helping those folks out who are losing the most money – and seem to really deliver results.

At Timeshare Tracy we always suggest you do your own research and speak to several firms before making a decision. But we’d have no hesitation in anyone including Timeshare Compliance in their shortlist as one of the most reputable and solid organizations in this market.


Timeshare Compliance has a lot of things going for it, including the use of attorneys to get clients out of a timeshare to legally get the job done. They also offer attractive financing options and payments by escrow.

You might be momentarily confused when you expect Timeshare Compliance but are then greeted by a ‘Pandora Marketing LLC’ signage when you speak with a TC agent. Reviews on other platforms such as Google+ and Yelp are lacking, mainly because most of their reviews seem to be focused on Trust Pilot and BBB.

Timeshare Compliance has a history of working with clients who want out of their timeshare contracts, and the majority on TrustPilot have posted satisfactory results. You can feel confident about doing business with Timeshare Compliance and expect good results as they have been in the timeshare exit industry since 2012.

Timeshare Compliance is especially skilled at helping those who wish to get out of their timeshare contract while in the midst of paying a high mortgage. Getting their customers out of this particular situation is what they do best – it is a specific expertise that not all exit companies have. 

Combined with their credit repair services and easy payment options, Timeshare Compliance coul be an excellent partner for timeshare owners with substantial commitments who wish to get out of their timeshare in a clean and complete way.

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