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Resolution Timeshare Cancellation Review 2020

If you’re after an honest Resolution Timeshare Cancellation review, you’re in the right place. 

In this post, we’re going to reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly about this company, so you can make an informed decision. 

Don’t forget to check out our special ‘Timeshare Tracy Insider View’ right before the end!

About Resolution Timeshare Cancellation

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation has provided timeshare exit strategies since 2019. While the company is relatively new, its management team boasts quite a few years of experience in the finance and legal sector.

The fact they are not tainted too much by the timeshare business may even give them a bit of an edge in knowing the consumer point of view and acting as advocates. 

They have several points of difference in how they deal with their clients. For one thing, Resolution doesn’t hire chat agents or sales reps to advise you on canceling your timeshare. 

Instead, they recognize that aggressive sales strategies are usually why buyers enter into timeshares in the first place. That’s why they promise to take a very different approach as they help you cancel your contract.

We’ve spoken to them as part of our vetting process at Timeshare Tracy and they are definitely not a company that does sales pitches! They like to listen and chat.

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation’s website warns about fraudulent companies making false promises about quickly selling or renting timeshares. And as a firm they pride themselves on sticking to the letter of the law.

They advise their clients that the only way to legally cancel a timeshare is by using the contract you signed. 

So, the first thing they do is check whether the timeshare resort itself offers an exit plan for its customers.

Relinquishing a Timeshare Contract Can Take up to 10-14 Months

According to Resolution Timeshare Cancellation, 10-14 months is the typical amount of time it takes to leave your contract. In contrast, some cases can be closed in a matter of weeks – how long it takes to shake your contract varies from case to case.

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation will consult you on your situation and advise whether they can take your case. However, before you do anything, they ‘recommend that you call your timeshare first, to see if they will let you out voluntarily.’ 

If that isn’t possible, they say they are there to help with anything. If you can get out for free they’re going to share how and support you all the way – even though they would make no money from this scenario. They simply hope you’ll recommend them as being helpful.

Can You Trust Resolution Timeshare Cancellation?

In our opinion, yes you can, despite their short track record.

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation is A-rated by the BBB and offers safe, legal, and guaranteed cancellation with flat-rate pricing.

The company also offers a 20-minute free consultation, which you can sign up for online. You just need to provide your name, email, and the name of your timeshare or vacation club.

Resolution Timeshare Resolution welcomes you to their office in Madison between 10 am and 5 pm on weekdays. On Thursdays, they’re open until 7 pm Eastern Standard Time. Plus, the company can be contacted by phone or email.

Timeshare Tracy has sent a significant number of users to Resolution and found they helped people out free of charge when they saw that it wouldn’t make sense for them to pay for a cancellation service (rather than billing them anyway as many less ethical companies would). 

For example there was one client whom we introduced to them who was with Wyndham and wanted out. Instead of charging money to try and sell this individual their service, they informed him of Wyndham’s Ovation Program that would help him cancel directly with the resort.

This is a refreshing attitude.

What Makes Resolution Timeshare Cancellation Different?

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation commits itself to solving the three biggest problems plaguing the cancellation industry. 

The first problem: The expense 

Resolution’s solution: They say they employ professional customer advocates to keep you updated throughout the process until you receive your official release. They offer a cancellation program with a money-back guarantee and no upfront costs (if you take their Escrow option). 

So, rest assured you know from the get-go you’ll get out or you won’t need to pay. 

The second issue: The use of salespeople in the cancellation industry. 

Resolution’s solution: As we’ve already said, they employ consumer advocates that don’t work on commission. Instead, they’re compensated with a salary and encouraged to care for their clients rather than hunt for sales. 

The third problem: Unfair fees

Resolution’s solution: They charge a flat fee no matter your income or cost of your timeshare. Again this is pretty refreshing as other timeshare exit firms will use differential pricing.

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation’s FAQs 

The company’s website has a detailed FAQ page that outlines the processes they use and how they can (or can’t) help. From here, you’ll find a list of timeshares they’re unable to assist with. 

They also make it clear that some timeshares have exit programs. These release you without having to hire a cancellation firm. However, they do warn that many exit programs are designed by the same sales personnel that sold you the timeshare in the beginning. 

In other words, these exit programs sometimes serve to confuse and entrap buyers, rather than help them get out of their contracts.

Is Resolution Timeshare Cancellation a Law Firm?

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation doesn’t advertise itself as a law firm. The company works with the former assistant Attorney General of New York, Myron G. Lasser. He’s a member on their advisory board and provides outside counsel to the company. 

Lasser has more than 50 years of legal experience and is an experienced litigator prepared to tackle contested and challenging legal matters.

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation also employs a team of credit protection specialists with over 21 years of experience, and the founders have a combined 27 years of experience. Before launching Resolution Timeshare Cancellation, they all worked in respected firms.

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation’s Costs and Fees

Compared to their competitors, Resolution Timeshare Cancellation offers a different approach to their fees. It’s common for cancellation companies to try and gauge how much you can spend on cancellation by attempting to establish how much you can afford. 

For instance, they might ask how much you’re currently spending on your timeshare and other similar questions. 

Instead, Resolution Timeshare Cancellation promises a flat fee for all their customers. They offer a no-up-front fee escrow option, meaning you don’t pay until you get your official release from your timeshare company.

The escrow price is claimed to be less than the up-front-charge of many other firms. There’s also the option of paying upfront at half the price of escrow. This is protected under a money-back guarantee.

Last time we checked Resolution Timeshare Cancellation’s Fees were in the $2000 – $4000 range and generally fixed – definitely at the value end of the timeshare exit market.

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation Ratings

As a relatively new company, Resolution Timeshare Cancellation doesn’t have many online reviews (as to be expected). However, they’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a score of A-. 

Although there are only four reviews on BBB, they all boast a 5-star rating. 

This is what a couple of satisfied customers had to say:

‘Working with Resolution TSC has been a blessing. They have been very helpful and upfront with everything that we needed to do, what we were going to need to do, and what to expect. They do very following up and calling back. I recommend Resolution TSC for anyone needing help with timeshare exiting.’

‘I just want to say how happy I am to be completely rid of my timeshare!!. Everyone at Resolution was awesome and they will even stay in contact with me for the next two years, just to be sure that the timeshare doesn’t try and put a mark on my credit. Also, they will be disputing the charge on my credit card which was used for payments to the timeshare. Thank you so much Tom and Mike!!’

Customer reviews praise Resolution for their transparency. Clients report that Resolution willingly stayed in touch with them long past their release to ensure no further credit was accumulated.

In the interest of fairness, it’s worth noting, with an average process time of 10-14 months, and with the company only launching in 2019, it’s likely not seen many clients through the whole release process. 

However, at the time of writing, no complaints were published on the BBB or anywhere else (that we could find) on the web. 

We also want to point out, there’s next-to-no mention of Resolution Timeshare Cancellation on social media. However, one of their employees, Tom Heehler, lists Resolution as his place of work. Here he states:

“Most timeshare cancellation firms employ the very same sales techniques used by the timeshares. Resolution was created to solve that problem”.

Not only does having one person on LinkedIn actually put Resolution ahead of most of their competitors, but Mr. Heehler also affirms everything we’ve said in this review which is consistent with Timeshare Tracy’s dealings with them.

Timeshare Tracy Insider View

We have referred a good number of enquiries to Resolution Timeshare Cancellation and in general have received great feedback from Timeshare Tracy users who spoke to them.

Most people find their honesty and transparency refreshing and we like that they offer a consistent pricing model irrespective of the client’s financial situation.

Their pricing is also very much at the lower end for a cancellation service plus they also offer a ‘pay on success’ option.

They are small and relatively new to the market but we don’t think that especially matters given that their Directors have a long track record and they work with such an experienced attorney.

They are ‘friendly guys’ and some of the most genuine and humble people you’ll deal with in the timeshare cancellation business.

If you want good old-fashioned friendly service and a low-cost solution which does what it promises, Resolution Timeshare Cancellation may be the company you are looking for.


Finding a reputable and trustworthy timeshare cancellation company can be a testing experience. However, after reviewing Resolution Timeshare Cancellation’s website and BBB listing, we’re confident they provide a transparent service which does what it describes. 

The flat fee with option of payment only once they’ve successfully got you out of your contract makes it possible to enlist Resolution’s help without stress and worry. 

Plus their money-back guarantee further reinforces their reputation and offers additional reassurance.

We also like how their website provides useful and honest information about your rights and options. They don’t push you towards using their service – instead, it genuinely feels like they’re there to help!

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation only endorses the legal cancellation of timeshare contracts and they are very clear in explaining what you do if you contact them.

We recommend getting in touch for a free consultation as we know from our personal experience that they’re not going to try to pitch you, just offering you help and advice about your options.

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